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New User Instructions

All users to this system are required to fill out a Work Authorization prior to being added to the resource system. Instructions for filling out a work authorization are located at the link provided at the bottom of the page on the Work Authorization system start page.

University of Utah users who attempt to login to this system prior to filling out a Work Authorization will receive a "User Not Found" Error. Users receiving this error should fill out a Work Authorization and contact the Cores Admin Office if they need expedited access.
University of Utah User Logins

In an effort to improve security for our users we will be moving all LDAP (username/password only) logins for University of Utah users over to the U's Duo 2-Factor authentication flow. Beginning December 4th, 2023 uNID + Password Logins will be redirected to the Duo 2-Factor authentication login system. External users will NOT be affected by this transition and will be able to login using their username and password as normal. University users are encouraged to log in via the Duo 2-Factor authentication system prior to the transition date to ensure their logins are functional. After the transition date any username + password login using a uNID will be redirected to the Duo 2-FA system.

To login using the Duo System click on the "University of Utah DUO" button below.

If you are unable to login to the Duo System please attempt logging into CIS ( ). If you are unable to login to CIS as a University of Utah user please contact the University IT helpdesk ( )